Launching 17 April 2019

about huntress - from the lookbook

It all started when I had an idea to style a collection like Lara Croft / Tomb Raider. The whole ‘bold, confident, no bullshit, gets her own way’ vibe I knew would be so strong.

I’ve been obsessing over making our campaigns more powerful and creative, stepping away from the traditional activewear shoots and making ours more intense. I watched the Alexander McQueen documentary recently (amazing, worth the watch!) and his goal was to really make people feel all kinds of emotions during his runway shows. It was very inspiring and gave me courage to go our own way and get more crazy with our concepts.


So Amz and I had started designing the Autumn collection and we were so inspired by the Tomb Raider idea that we worked with deep olive green tones and our first ever camo print for that warrior feel. We each had cool ideas and it all came together a lot faster than we expected. The style concept evolved to a Burning Man X Tomb Raider X Mad Max X JPorter which was awesome to put together because we got to go all out with the accessories


This was always meant to be a strong, feminine collection with a very powerful mood. I was chatting it over with RP one morning saying I wanted it to be about empowering women in our brand to hunt their dreams but I couldn’t think of the final name. RP looked straight at me and said ‘how about Huntress?’. There were no other names after this, Huntress was born.


Most inspiring weekend! We broke into a construction site, went crazy with smoke bombs, laughed non stop, and we all were just in awe at what we’d created by the end. I was really proud to shoot RP as she’s such a strong role model for women pursuing their passions even through the hard times. It was good seeing her get further outside her comfort zone and I’m so happy with the shots. The second shoot with Leecy was incredible, really perfect choice for the styled theme, she brought it to life, not to mention how much of a strong role model she is in her own right. Very powerful weekend of shooting and of course, our beauty team were on point with the fierce looks (details on credits page)


There are 10 pieces, a tight drop with the most premium quality garments we’ve made yet. The camo print is really nice, we designed it to have a lot of crisp white tones, and to include the deep olive tone to compliment the tights and shorts. There are interesting elements to some of these pieces that we’ll run over in our Product Walk Through video pre-launch. It’s a real collection, everything works with everything, and after all of your feedback last time, we are leaving the orders open until midnight so you don’t miss out like last time when we were limited to 50 of each item. PS, the tights are even better this drop...


I have been feeling so inspired by all the strong and hardworking women in my life, life is meant to be filled with purpose and one of the things that gives me purpose is knowing the impact our brand and our messages can have. I was actually a bit worried because as a male designer I didn’t want to sound like I was presuming to know what empowers you ladies. By asking lots of questions and listening properly I feel that it’s all come together really well though, and I feel super motivated by it.

I hope you enjoy the story that the story this Lookbook tells.

The greatest support would be if you share it so that others can see it before launch x

Joshua Porter

breathe me in

taste the knowledge

as it drips from my lips

seek the truth in every word

feed your starving mind

on a world you never saw

before our stolen time

ride on the rhythm of my soul

find the beat

close your eyes and feel the heat

this is where the wild starts

and the ordinary ends

stare into the mirror

and breathe me in